Welcome to Mason Dixon Historical Artifacts LLC. We are a diverse dealer in historical artifacts/relics. We are constantly adding quality items from all over the world, but our real interest is our rich American History. We guarantee the authenticity of our items. With that being said, we are not experts in authenticating artifacts or relics, so we depend on you and we value your inputs. We have already received great input and we act on it instantly. We truly mean it when we say " if in doubt , you are out"! We give a 7 day from the day that you receive your item, a  7 day no questions asked guarantee! We do sale items from Nazi Germany, so please if this offends you, please go no further or to the products that you know is not offensive to you. We DO NOT or WILL NOT EVER knowingly sale anything from the Nazi death or labor camps. We also value your Privacy. We will not give or sale your privacy, we will on occasion e-mail specials. We use PayPal for your and our convenience. We do ship internationally but not to country's that prohibit the import of artifacts and or relics. Again Thank You for browsing our site.

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